My Mini Me and Me

My Mini Me and Me
Mackenzie holding a picture of me when I was 3....she is now 3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loveys or Blankies

So this is my first ever blog hop Woohoo am I excited!

The subject: Share how your child or you, found or adopted a lovey and the importance of it in his/hers life. As a bonus feel free to add pictures of you/your little ones with your loveys!

So when I first did this I thought....we dont have loveys......but thats only because we dont call them loveys. We call them our blankies! As a babe Mackenzie did not have a special anything she needed. She actually just got her blankie about 3 months ago and now I dont know how she ever lived without one. It all started by me making her a special pillow case (since its harder then hell to actually find a decently priced special pillow case). When I made it she literally STOLE the left over fabric from her pillow case.....this then became her blankie. However if you look in the picture below you can see that she has her special pillow case, her blankie, and about 3 other blankets that HAVE to be on her bed before she will fall asleep!

Now as for me, I too have blankies. Yes that is plural. I have this hot pink, black and white tie blanket a friend made for me that I MUST sleep with, along with the light green blanket that is underneath the tie blanket. ALSO I have two pillows that are MINE. I do not share very well. Even if I am going somewhere overnight I usually bring at least one blankie and one pillow with me......I know here I am 25 years old and two blankies and two pillows. SERIOUSLY!!

So I know this is a bad picture because my new phone dosnt have a flash but here is a picture of Mackenzie and I in my bed with her lil blankie (see the purple thing with the little mermaid on it) and me with my hot pink blankie.

So what is your lovey??


  1. I had stuffed animals as a kid that had to ALL be in the bed before I would go to sleep. My mom says it was a literal mountain all around me! I also have a blankie and several blankets that are "mine" I love soft things like NAP stuff at brookstone? /faint!

  2. cute!
    we have lovies here, but i guess I do have a blanket that I don't like to share for snuggling on the couch.

  3. Welcome to the blog hop! I like how Mackenzie picked her own lovey :)