My Mini Me and Me

My Mini Me and Me
Mackenzie holding a picture of me when I was 3....she is now 3

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Moments

I have decided that I need to sometimes just stop and take a moment to realize the things thatare going good, have happened, are going to happen in my life. So I am hopefully going to keep having Monday Moments.......

Monday Moment #1

Today I took a moment to stop and look at my daughter to see what a beautiful little girl she truely has turned into. It makes my heart melt that she is turning into such a great little lady. Here is my moment of refelction to look back at her.

Before she was here

4-18-07 Happy Day Of Birth Baby Mackenzie

3 months old

6 months


1 year old Happy Birthday Baby!!

2 years old Happy Birthday Baby!

3 Years old Happy Birthday Baby!

Just a moment that takes my breath away......I cant wait to see the woman she becomes......of course she can take her time at that I love having my little girl!

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  1. its so crazy how much these little people change in such a short amount of time.